Get inspired by surrounding yourself with beauty and things that you love. To us, it can be as simple as a colorful vase by the kitchen sink that awakens you each morning as you wait for your coffee to brew or the tray on your table stacked with aromatic candles that you light as you read a book in the evening. Or in the way that your friend's eyes light up when you've given her just the right gift.

These details matter. And at Copper + Kiln, it’s what drives us to curate designs for our collection with charm and sophistication that bring grace notes to your home and 
to the gifts you give to those you love. With years of experience in the home and lifestyle industry, our team handpicks each piece based on fine quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. At Copper + Kiln, we want to help make your home tell your story. 

Join us in celebrating all the sweet, little things that life has to offer. Be a part of our story of charm, graciousness, and stylish design.