Saddleman's Large Cowhide Rug, Natural Beige

Saddleman's Large Cowhide Rug, Natural Beige
  • $368.00

Description: A glossy, even tone in a warm brown-beige hide, this is an elegant piece. Every one is selected by hand for outstanding look and feel. Sourced from Brazilian master tanners, your hide will be unique and among the finest in the world.

Approx. size 6' x 7.5'

Care: It is important to note that cowhides are a natural product and, like everything else, will wear under heavy traffic conditions over time. We recommend rotating your hide every 3 months in high traffic areas and to not place your cowhide in direct sunlight.

To remove dust and debris you can shake out the hide first, and/or vacuum using the suction attachment or a low vacuum setting without the vacuum's beater bar. The hide's natural oils resist staining, simply blot or wipe up any spills promptly. If a stain should occur use mild or neutral soap, warm water, and a soft brush or sponge and brush lightly, going with the grain of the hair.Copper + Kiln

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