Two Wick Candle in White Glass
+Multiple Scents

Two Wick Candle in White Glass<br>+Multiple Scents
  • $38.00

Agave Citron is the signature fragrance for the home full of sunshine and fresh air. With top notes of uplifting grapefruit, prickly pear, and cactus blossom, and grounding layers of agave, vetiver and desert amber, your home will feel like a desert vacation paradise.

Beach Wood: With light top and middle notes of peach, orange blossom and saffron and grounding scents of moss, amber and sandalwood, this scent adds sophistication and elegance to everyday living. 

Belgian Linen: With top notes of rose and a hint of salty sea foam, this fragrance is anchored with amber and musk. A deeply layered and luscious fragrance.

Cut Grass: With top notes of clover and green grass, this fragrance finishes with fresh-cut wisteria and jasmine. The perfect home fragrance for the person who love citrus-based perfumes and colognes. 


Burn time: +85 hours.

Made in the USA.

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