Home Décor is an easy way to transform a space.  Typically swapping out Home Décor is a much more affordable way to reenergize a room from season to season without an entire re-design. Last month I was fortunate enough to begin working with Natalie Gravois of Guac My Life.  Natalie is a successful Entrepreneur, Blogger, Model and Mom of Three. She is on the go, to say the least!

    She and her husband, Ryan, a Pre-Med Student, wanted a casual, budget-friendly room where their kids could play, but was still a good addition to the look and feel of their open-floor-plan main floor.  Their taste is updated with a Mid-Century Vibe, and I think we accomplished this with our Room Transformation. Check out the results below along with where you can get the products!

    Around the Coffee Table:

    On and Above the Console:

    On the Sofa: